Outdoor paving

What requirements should outdoor paving meet? pavement? Basically, it must meet functional and aesthetic aspects. The basic functional aspects of outdoor paving undoubtedly include frost resistance, a non-slip surface, enough strength so that the paving doesn’t break and resistant to normal wear and tear.This thus relates to its  its durability. We have definitely been using outdoor paving for a longer period of time. From   the aesthetic point of view, then, of course, both color and shape naturally fits into the exterior. . The sight of it must bring joy to   the user.

Quartzite venkovní dlažba
Porphyr venkovní dlažba
Rula dlažba venkovní

Insurmountable outdoor paving stone

Natural stone and outdoor paving certainly fulfill all of these criteria. After all, what more can be useful for exteriors than just natural materials? Outdoor paving from   natural stone is naturally frost-resistant, highly resistant to cracking and of course slippage, or the increase of this aspect of the stone paving can be processed. And regarding   historic buildings with the use of stone on outdoor paving it is obvious that this material is resistant to normal wear for a very long time in many buildings actually for centuries (many castles and chateaus). If so, then it is very wise to consider stone paving for such purposes just  from the functional point of view.

ŠEDÁ ŽULA venkovní dlažba
Žula žlutá venkovní dlažba

Outdoor stone paving also pleases the eyes

From the aesthetic point of view, it is very hard to find a more natural color spectrum of outdoor paving than   from stone. What more can fit into the natural environment than what comes directly from  it. Still, you don’t need to limit yourself only to primary colors and types of stone. In the Prague Stone Masonry offer you can find a wide spectrum of colors for exterior stone paving, including interlocking stone paving.

Mozaika venkovní dlažba
KOSTKY VĚJÍŘE venkovní dlažba
Pískovec venkovní dlažba

Regular and irregular paving

Deciding for regular or irregular paving does not have to be such a problem. Although we do not want to generalize,  basically irregular paving is often implemented in large outdoor paving areas such as squares. In  smaller areas it may be interesting to choose regular paving.