In our offer, of course, there are also fireplace mantels and fireplace cladding. An open or closed fireplace has become a popular part of our homes over time. It serves not only as a source of heating, but also provides an aesthetic complement and the visual pleasure of vivid flames. If you decide to install a fireplace, we recommend that you connect with reputable and experienced suppliers of fireplace components and assemblies – Krby Janovský. Our company provides only stone components such as stone benches, fireplace mantels, fireplace cladding, etc. You can also choose from all kinds of finished tiles, solid masonry, sandstone, and also require the customized cutting of all kinds of marble and granitey. For the exact price fireplace mantels, of fireplace cladding or a bench we recommend contacting or visiting our establishment, where our   experts advise you on the most suitable material. In case of any specific need please fill in our inquiry  form. The design implementation of the fireplace cladding has thousands of variations, depending on the type of material, structure and construction solution. Marble, granite or Sandstone  can thus be used for the construction of modern, rustic, classic, historic, outdoor and spirituous fireplaces.

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