For several years the demand for semi-precious walls has been growing. Onyx is the rarest variant of slab materials, so it is presented in its own separate chapter. It results from the subsequent crystallization of limestone, the color and structure resembling agates. Finding the best onyx needs patience and plenty of time, not being a standard and easily accessible good. We import onyx from Pakistan, Iran, Italy, Turkey and Macedonia. Most Onyx can be backlit with LED technology to create unique 3D effects. Also of interest are RGB diodes that allow you to change the color tones in thousands of light variations. It comes standard with a remote control. We can design, produce and deliver these technologies to order.

Onyx Stock


The structure and color of the selected Onyx tiling is a reference only; each block has a specific pattern and is unique. If interested we send a picture and the dimensions of a specific piece of stone.

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