The bathroom is an integral part of every cozy home. It is a refuge from the outside world, a place of quiet relaxation. Design and comfort are playing an increasingly important role. The diversity of the stone, its unmistakable structure, unique artwork and luxurious appearance help create beautiful interiors. There is something for everyone – from fans of the classic to admirers of clean lines. Anything is possible, and the results always exceed your needs. In addition, the stone is easy to maintain and, thanks to its natural origin, is always unique.

Tiles can be primarily divided according to the size and assembly method as follows:

  • STANDARD (the most economical option) – sizes which are normally manufactured and supplied for warehouses
  • CUSTOMIZED – in any size according to the space available for tiling, custom manufacturing   and they can be further divided according to stone artwork
    • FIGURE – using a continuous stone pattern
    • BOOK –  mirror repeating motifs of stone artwork