Pražský Kámen (Prague Stone) Stonemasonry was founded in 2002 by transforming the original stonemasonry workshop as well as being a natural successor to the Kamenictví Petrák s.r.o. company’s tradition, which had been operating in the market for 19 years. We provide professional services in the processing of stones – marble, granite, sandstone. We import stone from many European countries, also using all the material resources from the Czech Republic. We are further processing stone on the latest CNC 2013 machines or by using conventional technologies. In order to create a contemporary appearance, the work is often performed by hand.

We have a very wide range of products and services in the field of stonemasonry:

  • cutting sandstone, argillite and limestone blocks
  • renovation and refurbishment all parts of stone buildings
  • standard stone products of all kinds, colors and textures
  • import raw materials and stone products from 19 countries
  • cooperation with many architectural studios
  • proposals, project documentation, production and assembly implementation
  • a personal approach to each customer including a children’s corner for the customers’ children
  • advisory activities in the given field
  • wholesaling of materials to other processors
  • sale and application of chemical agent for stone protection and maintenance
We have gained the position of a strong and quality supplier of stonemasonry and stone products among the large competition of stonemasonry companies. If you do not choose from the offer on our website, you can opt for a consultation, as well as calling or visiting us directly. Our stonemasonry is, naturally, ready to meet the demands of customers outside Prague.

Pražský Kámen Stonemasonry is the right choice.