IMPOSING LARGE FORMAT CERAMIC TILING with dimensions up to 150 x 300 cm

Some design solutions do not allow the placement of natural stone outdoors especially in   the case of necessary, bright uniform colors. They represent mainly limestone, which are not frost-resistance. A possible solution is the use of special ceramics.

  • leading Italian manufacturer
  • thickness 6 mm – 20 mm according to use
  • luxury design using the latest technology
  • frost-resistance – non-absorbing – 0.5%
  • coloring throughout the thickness of the tile – allows bonding at 45°
  • possibility of subsequent regrinding
  • natural decor (marble, onyx, limestone, wood) intechangeable with the original
  • various structure surfaces including antic, satinato, etc.
  • Active treated surface –reduces the formation of bacteria and cleans the air


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