The range of services will fully satisfy all our customers. These services are then divided into seven fields. So you can choose which of our services to use. Although thanks to the company’s headquarters our stonework can be labeled as Prague stonework, it would be a really distorted view because the range of our business is far greater. Firstly, there is stone renovation, work related to the cleaning and repair of stone products such as stairs, facades and figurative elements. Although stone is a very durable material, it is sometimes necessary to renovate it, to gain the original quality. Another important area of our provided services is expert consultation. These services are often required before the actual implementation of the masonry work. Part of the expert consultation can be assessing the suitability and quality of a particular stone material, and how to install it. Such consultations may prevent subsequent damage caused by the usage of poor-quality materials and improper workflow. Among our services, you will also find an online or a personal consultation, focusing on individual stone elements, the creation of detailed documentation, as well as transportation throughout the Czech Republic.

kamenictví Praha renovace kamene