We are opening a whole new stone decoration for modern and luxurious interiors for the most demanding clientele

We offer a collection of gemstones and other very rare minerals, which are commonly used in the jewelery industry. Among gemstones there can also be found, Onyx. Every product is original. Its construction is based on the possibility of a specific material that is always in itself unique and unparalleled in its artwork, structuring and beautiful colors. A sensitive professional approach and hundreds of hours of painstaking work will complete the beauty of nature and provide a final stunning effect. Within multi-colored mosaics you can admire the bright and muted colors, textures, materials, and ultimately, the play of light and shadows

Each material offers another processed mosaic variant, the kinds of gemstones that transmit light being very effective. With regard to the possibilities of the raw material type a specific foundational material can be used, which ensures the light transmittance of the final product. A perfect 3D effect is created, serving as lighting, by which you will achieve a perfect enhancing of your home’s atmosphere.