The public spaces of our cities and communities are exposed to high burdens and occasional attacks by vandals and thieves.   An indisputable advantage of granite products is their durability, resistance to weather fluctuations. They do not require any repair or maintenance, and in addition – due to their heavy weight – their possible stealing is very complicated

The following prices are calculated on unit production, in the case  of an order of more than 5 items they can be individually set. The shapes and dimensions of the product are indicative, they can be produced on the customer’s request in any other shape and size, without much added value.

Outside waste container

Indicative dimensions: 85 x 40 cm
Price: CZK 12,000 without VAT



Indicative dimensions: 150 x 40 x 45 cm
Price: CZK 5,800 without VAT


Indicative dimensions: 95 x 40 cm
Price: CZK 4,800 without VAT