It is important that each type of sink already counts on a particular type of assembly,   it is therefore necessary to work with it already during its selection. The standard variant is similar to the worktops in laminate or wood – assembly on a slab, the opening in the stone therefore rough, and the edge constituting the sink itself.

Stone slab but allowing bottom assembly, the sink mounted from below under the slab and the edge in the stone worked into the relevant shape. This solution is very effective and mainly practical, simply possible to wipe away any dirt directly into the sink.

Another option is to mount the sink at the level of the slab, the sink edge dropped into the stone and thus not hampering   wiping water with the slab surface. The offer of sinks for flush mounting is very small however. The exclusive possibility is the supply of customized stone sinks , which is formed from an identical material as the slab   and the edges are adhesively joined at 45 degrees. Visually therefore, a sink with a slab looks as if made of one piece.

The production and processing of this product, however, requires great precision and accuracy, its price usually exceeding CZK 20,000.

Cooking top

Cooking tops are usually mounted on a slab, the opening rough and the cooking top slightly protruding above the slab, similarly as in the basic variant of the opening for the sink. Alternatively, there is the possibility of mounting flush with the surface, while the glass cooking top is precisely dropped into the stone.

Stone slabs can also be used in bathrooms. Sink slabs  provide superior solutions to bathroom spaces with a long life as well as a high practical and aesthetic value.